There are a dozen + one reasons I love and admire my father. 1) I could not have asked for the coolest dad…2) He gave my sister’s and I an amazing life growing up…3) He taught me to be open-minded…4) He taught me to be giving to those less fortunate than us…5) He made watching sports, ANY sport, so much fun…6) He loves to cook, and good food, and good wine…7) He passed on to me his love of music…ALL music…8) He protected us and passed his courage onto us during times of war…9) He introduced me to the world of technology, always being up to date with everything…10) He adores his grandchildren… 11) He taught me that making mistakes is ok…12) He is ALWAYS there for us…and one more: He saves sea turtles. For these dozen and one reasons, and many more, I love and admire my father, who was born on this day, some years ago, March 13 and I am lucky he is still with us, so we can enjoy at least a dozen and one more birthdays!

2 thoughts on “A DOZEN + ONE

    1. Thanks so much! I wish I was with him, but we live in different countries…he is in El Salvador, I am currently in Mexico. But I am sure we would have had a blast!


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