Physically I Am Here, yet most everything, now being held at a distance. Dear Extrovert‘s being tested greatly in these trying times. Humanity as a whole being forced into a lonely Journey, where our Faith and Fragility are being placed under fire. 02-08, 21-22-23, days gone by, maybe more, we have lost count. The Absence of loved ones, their Voice, their Sweetness, missing from our lives. Making us think of A Dozen + One memories to keep them in our hearts and minds. My Hand wants to reach out and say Hold On To Me. Let’s spread a blanket on the grass covered ground of An Empty Lot. Let’s tell each other The Story Behind Things. Let’s Imagine a home with a A Purple Sink. Let’s drift off to Sleep as the tunes of a Piano float in the air. Let’s dream of picking some Oranges and More, off the bountiful trees, and smell the Herbalicious leaves.

Earth however, has its plan. Nature’s Wisdom brought Dis-Ease. It Makes Scents (sense) that it did. We have taken things for granted far too long. We have used and abused for far too long. We have focused on what takes life and does not give life for far too long. This pandemic, telling us, “Roll With Me“, this will pass. Listen, Learn and Value to what you are witnessing everyday during this special time, this Coronaissance. At a distance, you have a better view. At a distance, you will see what you had right in front of you all along. At a distance, you will be able to Just Breathe.


On March 30th I needed my 
I would not allow anything to 
Me from falling into a 

So many thoughts have kept me
My body giving me a 
Heads up
Telling me I needed to 

On March 30th I needed my 
I crawled into bed in a 
Allowed my breathing to be 


Faith is present in many ways as I walk around my neighborhood. The images you see here are portrayals of a specific faith. They made me ponder on this topic. Faith is a noun. It is defined as having “complete trust or confidence in someone or something“. We go through life experimenting this in many ways. We are born and have complete faith in our parents. We then grow and start experimenting faith with others, applying it to friendships and to love. We then reach a moment when others have faith in us. Then we see them slowly let go, and start placing their faith elsewhere. Through these stages we realize that to have “complete trust or confidence in someone or something” is not a simple task. Faith is also defined as “a strongly held theory or belief (religious or secular)“. Again, we experience this in several ways. At first, we might imitate the faith of our elders. As we grow, we might start experimenting with the faiths of others. We then might get caught up in having moments of little faith. Hopefully, there then comes a time where we grasp on to some sort of faith.

Fragility is also a noun. It is often defined as “the quality of being easily broken or damaged“. Faith and fragility. Two nouns that are quite opposite, yet often found together. The fragility of faith is present constantly. Faith must be nurtured by both the giver and the receiver. If it is only nurtured by one, faith’s fragility comes in to play. One who has faith in anyone or anything, must hold on to hope, must stay positive, must trust, and must also question. Anyone or anything that has been given faith by someone, must give reasons for hope, must radiate positivity, must be trustworthy, and must answer to questions asked.

Whether you are a parent, a friend, a lover, a husband, a wife, a religion or a practice, faith comes along with fragility. Faith must be nurtured by both the giver and the receiver. If it is done well, and if faith evolves over time, if in moments of confusion then comes clarity, slowly faith will not be as fragile. Instead, when fragility makes an appearance in your world, faith will be there to keep everything from breaking apart.

“As long as you find something beautiful, good and true to believe in and abide by, you have the equivalent of God in your life.”

Thich Nhat Hahn


She smiles, sings and dances.
She frowns, is silent and still.
She is not afraid of taking chances.
She has quite the strong will.

Her eyes, green like an olive.
Her gait, graceful yet strong.
With her values she stands solid.
With her, others want to go along.

Her voice, a powerful tool,
Produces endless sounds.
She is nobody's fool.
She is serious and profound.

Yet she can be silly and carefree.
Showcasing her quick wit.
Her humor being key.
She makes the world stop for a bit.

And in every moment in time,
She will have you in awe.
She makes everything fine.
There is no flaw.

The world is a better place,
since her arrival.
All that surrounds her she will embrace,
The changes she will make will be tidal.

She smiles, sings and dances.
She frowns, is silent and still.
She is one who enhances,
She is one who will surely fulfill.


Impactful. The Century Plant or Agave Americana, can live between 10 and 30 years. It can grow as tall as 2 meters tall and 3 meters wide. Their famous cousins, known mostly for their use as natural sweeteners, medicinal properties, fibers for weaving and alcoholic concoctions are known world-wide. This particular ribbon-like structure needs rocky, sandy soil. It can survive in dry conditions and is tolerant of heat. Impressive. One Century Plant can make you stop in your tracks. It can make you stare in awe. It should. It has lived for decades and withstood harshness, still looking beautiful. An amazing feat, truly. It’s white-green ribbons bending gently and invitingly. The Agave Americana is the perfect bow that tops nature’s gift: the ground we walk on.

Yet, if you look closely, something else survives these exact same conditions as this majestic plant. Something that often goes unnoticed. It is a mix. A combination of nature’s creations. Blades of grass and ground cover plants, rarely noticed. Once your sight is caught by the majestic height and beauty of the Century Plant, why look down? What is so special about blades of grass and ground cover plants? They are not majestic, nor tall, nor beautiful. They are not “destined to be big”. Yet they are there, thriving, present, beside the majestic ribbons of nature.

Nature’s wisdom. It allows for the ordinary to accomplish an extraordinary role. They are an elemental component to survival. Protecting the earth from erosion and holding on to the little rain that falls each year. Allowing the Century Plant to thrive and grow towards its magnificent presence.

Nature’s wisdom. Do we know how to emulate it? As humans, we often look at the majestic, the beautiful, the impressive and impactful. Yet quickly turn a blind eye to the plain, the ordinary, the common. Little do we realize, we need this “garden-variety”.

Nature’s wisdom. Once the majestic Century Plant, the Agave Americana, flowers, it dies. Blades of grass and ground covering, well taken care of, can surpass the Agave and live up to 40 years. Take away one from the other and the Agave’s life span might be cut short. Take away one from the other and green blades of grass and ground coverings might not be tended to in order to accomplish their role. This simple symbiosis must be imitated by humanity.

We need to nurture and protect every variety of human on this earth. We need to recognize why one needs the other. How we can thrive together, and protect each other, and live in a harmonious balance. After all, nature’s wisdom has been around far longer than we have.

“The little grassroots people can change this world.”

Wangari Maathai


Brisk walks that turn into slow runs. Sight and breath focused on the short journey. Staring at the pavement moving beneath running shoes. Suddenly, bursts of color catch my sight. They make me stop. Yellows, oranges, pinks, greens, blues, reds, all staring at me.

I stare back. Straight into the large brown eyes, then down onto the yellow symmetrical nose and crimson mouth. Such an impact. The magnitude, the outlines, the contours, the colors. Everything.

This mural, placed in a quiet corner, on a quiet street. Very discreet, not seeking nor begging for attention. Yet bright enough to make one stop. To make one stare. To make one imagine.

Imagine a world of beauty. Imagine a world of colors. Imagine a world of peace. Imagine a world of respect. A world in which we all breathe from the same atmosphere. A world which comes alive with diversity. A world that cherishes freedom. A world that protects life.

Imagine, a world where you took the time to know. As you stare at this mural you see the artist’s signature. You realize it is familiar. You realize you have met and sat with this person once or twice. Never knowing they were an artist. Never knowing they could produce such works of art. Not taking the time to know.

Lowering my gaze, disconnecting from the large eyes staring at me, I turn and continue on. I imagine. Imagine a world were we took the time to know. To know about each other’s strengths. To build upon each other’s strengths. I imagine a world where we are all murals. Discreet, yet bright enough to make an impact. Imagine.

Imagine¬†all the people living life in peace. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one.”

John Lennon


I walked towards this pair again today. There they were, still together. The younger, more fragile one holding on to the older, more robust one. Holding on tight. The younger, with its viridescent leaves still sprouting close to the ground. The older, crowning the sky with its thick green foliage. Younger, older, holding on. I think, they too, are scared and confused. They have been this way for a while now. The world around them changing so fast. Some protecting and respecting them, yet others destroying them. Making them disappear, and in their place concrete structures appear. In these structures nature has a minor role. Purely decorative. Non-essential. Yet, what replaces them is not unique, it can be easily replicated. What replaces them is not natural, it is synthetic. What replaces them gives no oxygen, it takes it away. Why take away what helps one breathe? Why destroy what helps one live?

I see this pair and see the fragile one hold on tight. Just as I see the fragile among us hold on to the life that is in them. Scared and confused. Wanting to heal. Wanting to live. Yet not having the environment to do so. We are all holding on to something. We all need to let go of something. We need only to hold on to what truly needs us. What helps us breathe. What helps us live. In peace, in abundance. Once we let go of what is non-essential we will not only heal ourselves, but allow the fragile to become strong. They will no longer feel the need to hold on. We will all be able to grow tall, unafraid to deepen our roots as we reach towards the sky.

“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.”

John Muir