Physically I Am Here, yet most everything, now being held at a distance. Dear Extrovert‘s being tested greatly in these trying times. Humanity as a whole being forced into a lonely Journey, where our Faith and Fragility are being placed under fire. 02-08, 21-22-23, days gone by, maybe more, we have lost count. The Absence of loved ones, their Voice, their Sweetness, missing from our lives. Making us think of A Dozen + One memories to keep them in our hearts and minds. My Hand wants to reach out and say Hold On To Me. Let’s spread a blanket on the grass covered ground of An Empty Lot. Let’s tell each other The Story Behind Things. Let’s Imagine a home with a A Purple Sink. Let’s drift off to Sleep as the tunes of a Piano float in the air. Let’s dream of picking some Oranges and More, off the bountiful trees, and smell the Herbalicious leaves.

Earth however, has its plan. Nature’s Wisdom brought Dis-Ease. It Makes Scents (sense) that it did. We have taken things for granted far too long. We have used and abused for far too long. We have focused on what takes life and does not give life for far too long. This pandemic, telling us, “Roll With Me“, this will pass. Listen, Learn and Value to what you are witnessing everyday during this special time, this Coronaissance. At a distance, you have a better view. At a distance, you will see what you had right in front of you all along. At a distance, you will be able to Just Breathe.

One thought on “AT A DISTANCE

  1. Just Breathe!
    That’s the workout to be practiced and learn how to listen again, even the softest chirp of the humming birds!


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