I walked towards this pair again today. There they were, still together. The younger, more fragile one holding on to the older, more robust one. Holding on tight. The younger, with its viridescent leaves still sprouting close to the ground. The older, crowning the sky with its thick green foliage. Younger, older, holding on. I think, they too, are scared and confused. They have been this way for a while now. The world around them changing so fast. Some protecting and respecting them, yet others destroying them. Making them disappear, and in their place concrete structures appear. In these structures nature has a minor role. Purely decorative. Non-essential. Yet, what replaces them is not unique, it can be easily replicated. What replaces them is not natural, it is synthetic. What replaces them gives no oxygen, it takes it away. Why take away what helps one breathe? Why destroy what helps one live?

I see this pair and see the fragile one hold on tight. Just as I see the fragile among us hold on to the life that is in them. Scared and confused. Wanting to heal. Wanting to live. Yet not having the environment to do so. We are all holding on to something. We all need to let go of something. We need only to hold on to what truly needs us. What helps us breathe. What helps us live. In peace, in abundance. Once we let go of what is non-essential we will not only heal ourselves, but allow the fragile to become strong. They will no longer feel the need to hold on. We will all be able to grow tall, unafraid to deepen our roots as we reach towards the sky.

“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.”

John Muir

One thought on “HOLD ON TO ME

  1. Carley,

    You have a lyrical liquidity to your writing that is enchanting. I love the subtle undertones and provocative nuances that make us relate and reflect to your picturesque prose. This is lovely. ~Carla Michelle

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