As I was driving towards my lovely friend’s home, I was lost in thought about what to write today. I just could not come up with any ideas. Once I arrived, I sighed and parked my car outside her house. We said our hellos, and I made my way into her home, back to the small room that has become one of my small sanctuaries.

My friend is a miracle worker. In this small room, she works her magic with scrumptious creams and lotions, rejuvenating my face and treating me to not only a relaxing facial, but she mixes in some aromatherapy as well. Suddenly, there was my topic for today, right under my nose.

The amazing scents of essential oils traveling in through my nasal passage and straight into my soul. I have recently began to dabble in the realm of these oils. There is an essential oil for everything. At first, my essential oil ignorance made me believe that they were meant for diffusors only. I then discovered some were wearable and some could even be ingested! These oils have become essential scents in my life.

However, those scents are purposeful in their effects. There are others. They are all around us. They sneak into our senses and invoke powerful connections. The smell of food can make our stomach grumble and our mouth water. The smell of a perfume can remind us of a loved one. The smell of rain can take us back to childhood days. Such powerful memories are linked to scents.

The scent of vanilla in an angel food cake will forever remind me of my mother. The rubbery scent of a new tennis or squash ball will forever remind me of my father. The scent of whisky makes me picture my grandfather, talking to us, sharing his wisdom. The coconut scent of certain shampoos takes me back to my college dorm shower stalls. The strong, menthol scent of Vic’s Vapor Rub reminds me of my childhood school nurse. The unique scent of Desitin takes me back to midnight feedings and diaper-changings. The scent of tequila takes me…well, I rather not go there. The scent of chlorine plunges me deep into a crystalline pool. The scent of wood burning can take me to either a tropical beach or a snowy Swiss-village. The scent of lavender takes me far away to a mountain retreat.

The list can go on and on. Although some scents are created with an essential purpose, and some appear as if from nowhere, allow them within. It just makes scents. For some will travel far beyond your sense of smell, deep into your heart, mind and soul.

6 thoughts on “IT MAKES SCENTS

  1. Ahhhh, your slice smells wonderful! Just describing scents can bring those memories back and so many of mine are similar to yours! Thank you for awakening my morning in such a lovely way!

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  2. I love this! Scents triggering memories is something that has always fascinated me. (Science here if you’re interested: ) and there was a lyric in a fairly recent/popular song that speaks of the same phenomena you’re describing. “Sometimes a certain smell will take me back to when I was young, How come I’m never able to identify where it’s coming from, I’d make a candle out of it if I ever found it, Try to sell it, never sell out of it, I’d probably only sell one, It’d be to my brother,”

    Great slice. Got my brain whirring on this gloomy Friday!

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  3. I love the line: “Suddenly, there was my topic for today, right under my nose.” It made me smile.
    How lucky you are to have this dear friend and this sanctuary with so many soothing aromas.


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