Empty lots. You can find them everywhere. On a corner of a busy street. Stuck between two sleek modern buildings. Far off on a country road. They tend to look similar. Covered in dry grasses and weeds, different shades of yellows, greens and browns. The presence of a tree or shrub surely noticeable. Wildflowers spreading a hint of color, if the lot is lucky. The rubble of a wall. Broken tiles from an old bathroom floor. These are the manmade pieces of the distant, or not so distant, past life of this empty lot.

Empty lots evoke so many emotions. Sadness, for what was once there and now is gone. Nostalgia, for its past glory. Sympathy, for its current state. Curiosity, for what it might become. Excitement, for all of its possibilities. All of these felt in the seconds it takes our eyes to glance at an empty lot.

Humans are like empty lots. We can feel sad for what we no longer possess. We get nostalgic over our younger years. We sympathize with what we are going through. We are curious about our future. We get excited about our possibilities.

However, this last emotion is not easy to attain. It takes vision and commitment to foresee the possibilities of an empty lot. Just as it takes vision and commitment to make our future plans come to life. We can easily get stuck in our sadness, our nostalgia, our sympathy, our curiosity and slowly, start losing interest and excitement.

We can easily get stuck as an empty lot. Allowing dry grasses and weeds to take over. Letting rubble remain, and not allowing for anything new to be built. Humans are like empty lots. Not always what they seem. With pasts full of glorious memories and futures full of endless possibilities.

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