Herbs. One of nature’s best gifts. Basil, parsley, dill, mint, sage, thyme, rosemary, oregano, lemongrass, cilantro…the list can go on and on…

Basil. Whole leaves layered between plump tomato slices and thick fresh mozzarella. Drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with salt and cracked black pepper. Basil chiffonade ribbons placed on top of a nest of linguini coated with a creamy pesto sauce. Parsley. Curly leaves, finely chopped into a tabbouleh salad, bringing bulgur and cucumber together in lemony goodness. Parsley, flat leaves torn and mixed into a creamy chicken salad with walnuts and celery. Dill. Placed lovingly over a salmon steak, along with a lemon slice, wrapped in parchment and baked to perfection. Dill, mixed with cream cheese, spread onto fresh bread and topped with thinly sliced cucumbers. Mint. Blended with cubes of watermelon to create the perfect summer beverage. Mint muddled in a Mojito. Sage. Soft leaves simmering in browned butter, poured over potato gnocchi. Sage, carefully cut to mix into the perfect Thanksgiving stuffing. Thyme. Always a little going a long way. A sprig submerged in a hearty soup. Thyme, tiny leaves dried and crushed, becoming part of the coating of a roasted chicken. Rosemary. Stripped and chopped, mixed with oil and baby red potatoes. Rosemary, infused into a simple syrup, mixed with prosecco and cranberry juice. Oregano. Fresh leaves, minced and mixed with olive oil and lemon to create a Greek-style marinade. Oregano, dried and crushed into a thick tomato sauce, spread over a thin crust pizza. Lemongrass. Swimming with ginger and shrimp in a coconut-curry soup. Lemongrass, seeping in a hot cup of tea. Cilantro. Chopped and sprinkled over red sauce chilaquiles. Mixed with grilled pineapple and pork in tacos al pastor. Coming together with balsamic vinegar and green apple slices. In the perfect marriage with garlic, stuffing huge shrimp and pan seared to perfection.

Herbs. One of nature’s best gifts. Used for cooking. Used for curing. How will you use them today?

One thought on “HERBALICIOUS

  1. I may not be using any today, but as soon as the weather and my foot gets better, I will be planting almost all of the ones you listed in my new herb garden outside of my new house. I cannot wait. I’d love to cook and loves to use herbs frequently.

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