The Renaissance period in our world’s history, is often referred to as a “rebirth“. It was a time that was characterized by many lasting changes in politics, society, the arts and education. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, “it was primarily a time of the revival of Classical learning and wisdom after a long period of cultural decline and stagnation.”

Interestingly enough, the Renaissance apparently began its earliest stages in an “intellectual movement known as Humanism”. Humanism studied many areas of life, and one was that it looked “forward to a rebirth of a lost human spirit and wisdom.”  Humanists wanted “to inspire a new confidence in the possibilities of human thought and creations.” Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo and Copernicus are just some of the great human minds that came to light during this rebirth. Also interestingly enough, this movement started in, yes, you guessed it, Italy.

Italy. A country currently in lockdown, isolation mode. A country which is sharing their wisdom, with its massive spread of videos asking the world to learn from their mistakes. A country, whose government, amidst their chaos, inspires confidence in their citizens in acts of solidarity and national pride. A country, whose own citizens raise their own spirits by singing and dancing on their balconies once a day. A country who is proving they have allowed their human spirit to be re-born.

The world seems to have come to a crucial moment in its history. If we look closely, we might be seeing a new version of the Renaissance, of a rebirth. This new moment in our history, this “Coronaissance” is prompting rapid changes, globally. Country leaders are being forced to work together and take drastic measures to protect citizens. All around the world, education and its students are getting ready to try new platforms of learning. Society, as a whole, is being asked to be in isolation for a while, yet luckily, we can still be connected to each other. And amongst all of these changes, we are seeing that this “change is unleashing people’s creative energy”.

If you know your history, many eras came after the Renaissance. The Enlightenment, The Scientific Revolution, The Romantic Era, The Industrial Revolution, Great Depressions, World Wars, Cold Wars, Information Age, etc. From each one of these eras, humanity learns something. The key is to retain that knowledge, in order to build from it and not make the same mistakes over again.

So, what will you take away from this “Coronaissance”? How will you change? What will be the knowledge you will retain, in order to help humanity in the eras to come? How will you be re-born?

5 thoughts on “CORONAISSANCE

  1. That’s a useful and forward thinking challenge that might even make for an interesting writing prompt for students. Good questions you raise that I need to think about a little more when I’m feeling less anxious about being cooped up for at least 2 weeks. Also, “Coronaissance” is a clever turn of phrase!


  2. This word “Coronaissance” is brilliant! Yes! We are entering an all new period, and I appreciate your positivity about it. “If we look closely, we might be seeing a new version of the Renaissance, of a rebirth.” This is such a great line. I am hopeful that we will see that we are so interconnected, and that we must always take care of the most vulnerable. Thank you for this hopeful message!


  3. I enjoy how you post, like a few I’ve read today, links the past, present, and future. The journey of your thoughts, give us historical context, then present application, and hope for the future. The questions you pose ensure that I will be thinking about your post long after I am done leaving this comment. Thanks.


  4. I saw the painting and read Renaissance. It took me a few minutes to realize the title of your piece was actually “Coronaissance”. What an interesting idea! I am so hopeful that you are right, that we will experience a rebirth as a society and as individuals. Thank you for the challenge of thinking about how I will change because of this moment in time, the time of coronavirus.


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