Deep within, layer after soft scented layer, you will find me.
In times like these, you must reach me slowly, carefully.
Take your time, enjoy each one of my layers.
The day will come when my covering will be gone.
You will finally see me.

Once you reach me, don't disregard me.
I know my white, delicate sheets were far more attractive and useful to you.
Yet so many make the mistake of not even giving me a chance.
Don't make that mistake.
See me for what I can become.

My coarse, brown exterior is strong.
My cylindrical shape is useful.
I am adaptable.
I am practical.
I am the inside of  your toilet paper roll.

Use me to feed the birds.
Use me to start the grill.
Use me to plant a seed.
Use me to organize your mess.
Use me to entertain your children who are stuck at home.

Remember, the day will come when you will find me.
Some of you might have found me already.
If you have disregarded me before, I forgive you.
You have dozens (some of you hundreds) of opportunities to make it up to me.
I am the inside of your toilet paper roll. 

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