Take a deep breath. Feel the air fill your lungs, and slowly let it go. To breathe. To live.

Now hold your breath. Feel the weight of not being able to let go. To not breathe. To not live.

Breathing. An act, in its majority, taken for granted. Yet still allowing us to live, day after day, sadly, sometimes without intention.

Now, what if something was sent your way that took away the ability to live?

What if there was an invisible element, that wreaked havoc around the planet and caused everyone to stop for a moment in time.

To stop going to work. To stop commuting in crowded transport. To stop traveling from here to there. To stop getting lost in crowds. To stop thinking of just yourself and the small circle around you. To stop doing. To stop.

What if the most severe effects of this invisible element, were literally, To. Make. You. Stop. Breathing.

To impede your lungs from taking a full breath? To drown you. To lose the ability to live.

Yet, there is a way to get back things you have lost. All you have to do is breathe. Stop in this moment in time and put everything aside. Just for a moment. Breathe. Think of what you have lost in your day to day life. What you have taken for granted. What you are doing without intention. What is drowning you. What is impeding you to live.

Take a deep breath. Feel the air fill your lungs, and slowly let it go. Breathe. Never take it for granted. From now on, breathe intentionally. Live intentionally. Just Breathe.

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