Sweetness. At some point early on in the day you popped into my mind. I just could not stop thinking of you. No matter how hard I tried to distract myself throughout the day, there you were, a constant by my side.

As I sat at my desk, reading student reflections, I wanted you next to me. As I explained how to find the area of a rectangle with fractional side lengths, I needed you even more. As I stood out in the sun during lunch duty, I thought, “My sweetness should be here“. Later on in the afternoon, as I sat alone in my classroom, finishing up some work, I knew I just needed to enjoy a cup of coffee (or tea) with my sweetness.

So I followed my heart (plus my mind kept whispering..“no regrets”) and decided to come for you. Much to my dismay, as I walked to the school parking garage, I saw my car was being blocked by a school bus. I quickly told the bus driver, “Please move your bus. I have something important to do.” To which he kindly obliged. I was so grateful to be one step closer to my sweetness.

I drove, not too fast and not too slow, to find you. I knew where you would be. I could even picture you and your surroundings. Daydreaming about you, I found I had made it to you quicker than I imagined! I walked in and there you were. Just seeing you brought a huge smile to my face.

I barely looked at the kind lady behind the counter as she asked, “How can I help you?”. I could not help but think of how you had come into my mind so many times today, and now here you were, right in front of me.

“I’ll take four please,” I replied. “One almond-coconut, one bitter chocolate, and two carrot- pistachio.” I sighed and smiled as she placed you in the green and white box that I would be taking you home in.

Sweetness. At some point early on in the day you popped into my mind. Finally, here we are. I savored every bite of of your almond-coconut sweetness while my coffee was brewing. Now, as I hear the coffee maker reach its final drips, I think I will enjoy some bitter chocolate sweetness as well (no regrets).

8 thoughts on “SWEETNESS

  1. Do you know how many different predictions or assumptions I made regarding the identity of Sweetness? Your writing could be an excellent reading lesson for students on how to make predictions.

    At first, I thought Sweetness was about loss of a loved one, then I thought you were driving to pick up your child (I assumed the whole time it could just be the love of sugar), but I was diving in deeper. Of course, I went off track for a moment and pictured myself in my coffee shop ordering a huge lemon poppyseed muffin, but this isn’t about my Sweetness, is it!?


  2. Happy stomach, happy heart! The sweetness within; that sweetness that lightens the Soul and gives a glow in your eyes that is contagious.
    I’ll get my dulce de leche pie!

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