Where I live now, it rarely rains. Dry, arid landscapes and terrains.

Where I lived before, it rained plenty. Lush, tropical surroundings.

When rain falls constantly, it becomes a nuisance. Mold. Mud. Traffic backed-up. Dark, gray-black menacing skies announcing their soon-to-be chaos. And when it rained, it poured. No filter, no measure. Abundance. It was there and would be there again. Yet, the fear of its abundance, ever-present. Too much.

When rain falls sporadically, it becomes a treasure. Lighting. Thunder. Coming closer and closer, announcing the arrival of something essential. Yet here, when it rains, it is usually measured. Non-sufficient. A downpour’s appearance is not a usual one. Yet, the fear of its absence, also ever-present. Too little.

Regardless if it is a heavy storm or a slight shower, the skies open their souls. There is a blessed moment. Cold drops falling from the atmosphere. Soaking. Cleansing. Feeding.

Has rain become tame or is rain still wild? Why does it fall unevenly amongst this orb? Violent in some places, yet gentle in others? A strong presence where its absence would be welcomed; and an absence where its presence is so desperately desired.

Is rain mimicking humans or are humans emulating rain? Both needing balance. Droughts (lack) and Floods (abundance) are a desperate call for help. Too much of this. Too little of that. What are we missing? How much is enough?

Lightning. Thunder. Storms. What do we need to see? What do we need to listen to? What are we meant to feel? Seek the balance nature is pouring on to you. Whether it is during a downpour or a light trickle, it is there. See it. Listen to it. Seek it. Face it. Feel it. Find your rain. Your cleanse. Your balance.

Once you have lived both lack and abundance, you know what is enough.

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