Invisibility.  A superpower that I wish I had since I was very young.  I could sneak backstage into concerts and see my favorite musicians up close.  I could sneak into a World Cup Final and watch the soccer game on the sidelines.  I could also travel for free (as long as there is an empty seat on the plane). I could disappear when I don’t want to be found, to breathe and disconnect.  I mean, invisibility… I could even fight crime, right?!  But there are days…there are days when some of my students make me feel invisible. This is when invisibility doesn’t seem like such a superpower.  Invisible when I say good morning. Invisible when I have something important to share. Invisible when I want to share instructions to an activity. Invisible when I want to teach them something new.  Invisible. So I stop and think. Why? Why is what I am sharing, explaining, teaching, not important enough for these students to listen?  What am I doing that makes it be worth ignoring? Is it me? Is it them?  The age-old battle of trying to comprehend these young humans that walk into my classroom everyday.  I have been honest with them, and I have told them I feel invisible at times.  That grabs their attention.  I stop being invisible then. I realize I have just shared something negative, something sad.  That grabs their attention.  Is that who we are as humans?  Only really, truly listening when something is negative?  When it is bad news?  When we are complaining?  When we enter an argument? When our students do something wrong? Does this mean the good in the world feels invisible too?  Does this mean we allow for positive accomplishments to often turn invisible as well? Why do negative behaviors become so easily visible?  It is as if negativity is the invisibility cloak of positivity.  So as I write this, I realize…I realize invisibility is a choice, not a superpower.  Therefore I choose NOT to be invisible.  I choose to be visible as I say good morning with a smile.  I choose to be visible when I share good news.  I choose to be visible when I give instructions and teach.  I know someone can see me and hear me…and slowly, to those who might not see me, maybe my invisibility cloak will soon stop working, and they will see me too.    Visible.  That is the superpower I wish for now.  

7 thoughts on “INVISIBILITY.

  1. Invisibility the cloak of positivity. I’m going to be thinking about that. But also thinking about how I use those times when I’m invisible to recharge, reflect,observe. Looking forward to hearing more of your voice this month. Welcome to the slice of life.

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  2. I love that you have the courage to join me on this writing challenge and to start off by sharing something so powerful and raw and honest. I love how you started with something specific and then widened it out to how it plays out in the world and then brought it back in. Happy day one of SOL Ms.Visible Woman!

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  3. I love the way you pushed your thinking down the page. As a child (and I must admit, an adult at times), I have wished to be invisible. Visibility, however, IS a superpower… Being present is most important.

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  4. I like the questions you ask and how reflective you are in this post. I’ve often noticed that negative things take up more space and get more attention than positive ones. I hope you stick to your resolve to be visible for the positive and let us know how it goes.

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