Embrace. A word with such a powerful figurative connotation. Embrace life. Embrace a challenge. Literally, an embrace (also known as a hug) is just as powerful. Hugs, at times, have immeasurable power. They can break down barriers otherwise impenetrable. Growing up in an environment of countless hugs, kisses and cuddles, I knew I was loved. I knew was cared for. I knew I was important. As time went by, I made sure to hug, kiss and cuddle my own family…in hopes that someday they do the same with theirs.  Yet there is another environment where hugs are hugely important…school. When I have given hugs at school, I make sure I ask my student if it is ok, and once given, a special connection is made…if only for a moment.    An embrace can start and stop tears.  An embrace can relieve frustration and also express pride.  An embrace can be a motivator and can be celebratory.  As a teacher an embrace can communicate a powerful message: I am here for you, I care for you as a human, you are not just a student to me.  These meaningful moments have taught me to never underestimate the power of a hug.  Next time, no matter where you are, when the moment is right and when the need is there, embrace the power of a hug.  It too, can be a superpower.  

10 thoughts on “EMBRACE.

  1. Good advice, carleycano. A friend of mine was in Turkey many years ago when there was a car accident ahead of him on the road. Both men involved got out and began shouting, and a fight looked imminent. The gathering crowd behind each man began rubbing the motorists’ backs as they stared each other down. He said it looked like how a trainer might rub the back of a boxer as he stared down his opponent across the ring, and he was concerned the crowd was egging them on, which could lead a much larger problem. As he watched, however, he noticed that each respective crowd was doing quite the opposite, calming down their fighter. That physical touch, the gentle circular sliding motion of hand on back, was a soothing mechanism intended to diffuse the situation. And, as you stated above, the message was communicated. Your statement today is a powerful one.


  2. So funny, I just wrote my post and included the word “embrace” to show how my dad’s words hugged me and supported me. I agree that embraces can convey the message of “I am here for you” – who doesn’t want that – both with a hug and through our actions. (I hope that makes sense…)

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  3. There is so much to be said for physical contact. Sometimes a hug can say so much more than words. I agree that in this day it is important to ask permission even though that sometimes takes away from the spontaneity of the moment.


  4. Embrace, embrace, embrace everything life puts in your path – the good & the not so good – everything has a lesson to be learned!!! Loved it!

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