Tears.  I believe I have spilled enough tears throughout my life to fill a small pond.  Tears of frustration, happiness, exhaustion, joy, disappointment, pride, sadness, awe.  My pond is filled with all of these different tears, yet my pond of tears is crystal clear.  If I stand beside it, and look at my reflection, I can see into the deepest part of the pond. My pond is crystalline because, once the tears have been shed, I get a sense of clarity.  No matter what made me cry, after the tears have been shed, that “what” just becomes clearer, it makes sense.  Had anyone ever warned me years ago that teaching would be one of the things that could bring me to tears, I would have probably laughed out loud.  Teaching? Make me cry? No way.  Yet many of the tears in my pond do come from my career.  The world of education can be quite the emotional rollercoaster.  Juggling daily tasks, combined with being surrounded by 22 very distinct personalities, all with different emotions of their own, is a scenario that can easily bring tears.  Yes, I have dried many students’ tears and yes, my students have seen me shed tears.  My superpowers are still not developed enough to handle absolutely everything that comes my way…tears show that I am human…and I am alright with that.  

10 thoughts on “TEARS.

  1. This line:
    My pond is crystalline because, once the tears have been shed, I get a sense of clarity.
    Yes! A good cry always provides a sense of clarity, doesn’t it?
    Now you have me wondering what kind of vessel I could fill with all of the tears I’ve cried.

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  2. Wow, wow! What a word you chose to write about! Tears. I’ve shed too many in my life, and lately more than I thought I could. I’m a total crier. I cry out of happiness, frustration, sadness, joy, pride… everything and anything, you name it. And even though I sometimes wish tears didn’t roll out so easily, I do feel so much lighter after a good cry.


  3. I love the image of the crystalline pond and the line: “My pond is crystalline because, once the tears have been shed, I get a sense of clarity.” This entry could become a poem…


  4. It would difficult for people who aren’t teachers to understand the personal investment that can lead to both the frustrating tears but also the tears of joy that days in the classroom can bring. Don’t let those tears go, as you said they are what make you truly human.


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