Stamina. “The ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort”.  Physical stamina can be obviously seen in professional athletes.  Their endurance, their resistance…so powerful to watch.  For us regular humans, when a short walk becomes a long walk and a long walk becomes a run…that is stamina.  Stamina takes time and determination.  It is difficult and can be painful…but once you feel stamina’s power, you start to feel its strength.  In the classroom, mental stamina can also be obviously seen.  Students must have endurance when they read, write, listen to lessons, work through a math problem, research.  It is an amazing process to witness throughout the school year, as many build up this stamina…their determination is powerful.  Yet there are others who struggle, and their struggle is very real.  There can many reasons behind this…dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADD, ADHD, behavioral and emotional needs. Many receive most of the support they need only during school hours…leaving them to fend for themselves once they are out of our system.  It is a difficult path…but I do wish they could see how strong it will make them. If, they are steadfast and build-up their stamina, these obstacles that have been placed in their way will later become the pillars of their power…and with this power, they can become anything they dream.   

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