Dear Monday,

Here you are again, ready to start us off on a new week.  It is amazing how you keep coming around, even though so many greet you with despair and frustration.  How do you do it?  You really do have the toughest position to handle in the week.  Your tenacity is admirable. Monday, if any color could represent you, which color would you chose?  Many of my students chose gray or black, attaching to them connotations of gloom and laziness.  What I think they might not realize is that black and gray are classic, elegant colors, that never go out of style…and that, I believe, describes you perfectly.  Monday, you are classy, sassy and reliable.  No matter how people greet you around the world, we know we can count on you to be there.  You elegantly appear at dawn, and quietly leave us at  dusk.  Please never stop coming around, Monday.  No matter how we greet you, we need you.  You are the graceful start to a weekly journey…it all begins with you.

Thank you Monday!


Ms.C & 5B 

P.S. Did you know you were named after our moon?  Now that is pretty awesome.

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