Dear Tuesday,

The week continues and Monday has cleared a path for you.  Like a second child, things are just a bit easier with you. The world doesn’t seem to greet you with too much stress.  Actually, you are quite famous in your own right, appearing in book titles (Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom…one of my favorite authors ever) and song titles (Ruby Tuesday by The Rolling Stones…what a classic). Way to go Tuesday!  Many of my students picked the color orange to represent you.  Orange has many positive connotations, one of them being joy and another encouragement.  I think my students feel joy with you because on Tuesday they get to leave school a bit earlier than usual.  As teachers, on Tuesday we get to stay for workshops, faculty meetings, or personal work time. All of these encouraging us to keep growing and learning as professionals.  So you see Tuesday, you are one of those days of the week where many people are starting to feel positive and excited.  You seem to be doing your job well.   

Thank you Tuesday!  


Ms.C & 5B

P.S. Don’t ever lose your cheerful orange glow and also, make sure you thank Monday, ok?  

6 thoughts on “TUESDAY.

  1. Tuesday really is an interesting day – so far from Friday and without the stress of Monday. Yet on this Tuesday I am certain I am not alone in my tiredness thanks to an hour loss of sleep on Sunday! Perhaps it is as you said that Tuesday follows the powerful Monday and lets us read, think, relax and feel.

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  2. I enjoy reading your posts. You are a wise and talented writer as well as teacher. I am sure your kids are enjoying being part of this month’s adventure. I’ll try to get my students to join me and hopefully help me get through the struggle it has been for me to write daily. I definitely enjoy Tuesday are than poor Monday. But Monday has for me the biggest power, it is a chance to start over, set new goals and do it all over again 🙂


  3. I really like this personification of the weekdays. I’ll probably write that comment everyday. And I love that you are including your kiddos this week. Your first few lines really stood out to me, like the part about how Monday clears the way for Tuesday.


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