Dear Wednesday,

You are here! How does it feel to be smack in the middle of the work week? I think this might cause you to be seen in different ways.  My students could not seem to agree on which color could represent you.  Several did say green, but they did not explain why.  I suspect it is because green reminds them of nature, and sure enough, Wednesday, you brought nature with you today.  We are going on a field trip (hurray!) to visit a beautiful forest and river.  We will be noticing how some of Earth’s Biospheres interact with each other.  Maybe a Green Wednesday will also help them remember to always take care of their fragile planet. Wednesday, you are the week’s summit.  After you, it is mostly downhill from there.  So you see Wednesday, you should feel pretty good about yourself.  The middle seems like a great place to be (being a middle child myself, I can say that with authority).

Thank you Wednesday!


Ms.C & 5B

P.S. One of my students is really confused about the way you spell your name: Wed-nes-day.  He kindly suggests you change it to Wens-day.  🙂

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