Dear Thursday,

How are you? Hope you have arrived ready to spread some serenity. Many get frazzled when they realize you are here. Rushing to complete tasks that need to be done by tomorrow. I have to confess you might be one of my favorite days of the week. You make us realize that the weekend is near, yet many times you go unnoticed.  A couple of my students chose purple to represent you.  That made me picture you dressed in a purple gown, elegant, noble and serene. This image is just what I needed for today.  I fear I greeted you a bit frazzled, with MANY “to-do’s” and very tired.  However, your presence has made me feel better already. Thursday, you are a quiet, noble friend who gives us the time to accomplish what we are meant to accomplish, and gives us hope that rest is near.

Thank you Thursday!


 Ms. C & 5B

P.S. My first daughter was born on a Thursday and it was also Earth Day.  I realize those are big reasons why you are one of my favorite days of the week!  

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