Dear Saturday,

You arrived and many greeted you with no alarms and open arms. Blue seems to be the color that fits you…blue oceans and blue skies bid our weekly troubles good-bye.  Saturday, you bring calm and rest.  Everyone is just a little less stressed.  Schedule-free, you just let us be. So many celebrate your arrival, so necessary for our survival.  We truly hate to see you go, but it is necessary, we know.  May the days go quickly until we meet again, so that we can once again have some zen. 

Thank you Saturday!


Ms. C & 5B

P.S.  Day of the planet Saturn…planet with amazing rings…thank you for letting us rest our wings 😉

3 thoughts on “SATURDAY.

  1. I love this line – “Everyone is just a little less stressed. Schedule-free, you just let us be.” It sounds like a good Saturday. I hope Sunday is just as good. Thank you for sharing!

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