Dear Sunday,

Day of the Sun.  Rain or shine, you brighten the end of our weekend with another restful day.  Many of my students say if they could give you a color, it would be white, because it reminds them of going to church and being with family. Quite fitting, being that white represents faith, safety and protection.  White also can represent beginnings.  Sunday, although you are the end of something, you are also announcing the beginning of something else.  You announce a week full of possibilities and fresh opportunities.  There is something very special about you, Sunday.  You allow us time to be leisurely, yet you also give us time to prepare for the days to come.  

Thank you Sunday!


Ms. C & 5B

P.S.  See you again real soon.  

5 thoughts on “SUNDAY.

  1. A lovely Ode to Sunday. And so true. I love that you see her (him?) as the color white. I had never thought of that, but I think I’d have to agree.

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