Logical.  We continuously try to find the logic of certain actions, events and thoughts.  We try to make things understandable and reasonable, in order to find their meaning.  When working with children, logic sometimes seems to go out the window.  There are moments when a child allows their emotions to take over and they will act illogically.  At least, what seems illogical to us as adults.  Then we realize, they are growing humans, still developing their self-awareness and self- regulation. Their actions probably have an explanation behind them, and once found, logic comes back in through the same window it had left.  Finding the explanation is easier said than done, because when we are faced with something we deem illogical, our own emotions come in to play.  This is especially difficult when we are dealing with adults.  So many moments in my career I have run across actions, events and thoughts of a parent that seem completely devoid of logic.  I cannot help it and find myself falling in to the trap of becoming judgmental.   However, time  allows us to experience many things and with these experiences comes knowledge.  With this knowledge gained over the years I have come up with a  conclusion:  as adults we are still developing our self-awareness and self-regulation…as adults we have strong emotions that can stem from many unresolved moments in our lives…as adults we might seem illogical  to others, when it comes to dealing with our own children.  So, the next time I sit across from an “illogical” parent (or any adult), I will breathe and listen and not judge…then, I will kindly invite logic to come inside and sit with us…hoping that logic will place our emotions aside, and allow us to come up with reasonable solutions. 

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