Replaceable. Pencils, glue sticks, markers, scissors…all items that can be replaced.  In a school environment, yes, even teachers and students are replaceable.  What is irreplaceable, is the impact one can leave behind. One of my favorite units to teach is our Changemakers unit.  This unit has evolved in amazing ways.  Students (and teachers) learn more about their personality traits (are they introverts? extroverts? a little of both?).  We learn from famous (and not so famous) introverts and extroverts of the world.  We emphasize on the change they made that impacted their community, their country, the world. A change that  will be around for a while, even though the person might not be.  A legacy, one might say, that is irreplaceable.  As we get older, and we realize how time goes by so quickly, we start thinking of the moments we won’t get back, the changes we could have made, the memories we don’t want to lose.  All of these irreplaceable.  As an educator, I am, and have been, working on a legacy that I hope will make an impact on some of my students.  With time, I have come to realize I have a deep focus on quality over quantity.  Quality of work, quality of activities, quality of friendships, quality of time spent with others…all of these, if done well, become truly irreplaceable.  In a world that is moving faster and faster, sometimes at a pace that is unreachable, we might find ourselves constantly replacing moments, items, people.  But to slow down, to focus on the quality of the moment, of the job being done, of the change being made, that is when something irreplaceable appears.  This, I have learned, over many years…and I hope this is the irreplaceable lesson my students learn from me.  

4 thoughts on “IRREPLACEABLE.

  1. I like the idea of slowing down and focusing on the quality of the moment. This can be so hard to do. What does this look in your classroom? (With the pace of units and the many unexpected things thrown into our days, I found it so hard to slow things down for students.)

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  2. I’ve been thinking about being replaceable lately… Perhaps some of what we teach will become fabric of larger ideas student have later in life. Alice Nine wrote a few days ago about her 2nd grade teacher. I do think some things are held. The teaching seems to be more about helping the student think their own thoughts these days. I hope my legacy is that I helped them see their own power.

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