Last night.  Last night, after posting on Slice, I was screened-out and therefore allowed myself time to read an actual book.  “And Then There Were None” by Agatha Christie is a classic mystery…entertaining and timeless.  Reading (and smelling and touching) real pages, does wonders to our mind and body.  In my case,  I sleep better.  Tonight I will do the same.  No more glowing screens.  As soon as this is posted, yellowed, crinkled, delicious smelling pages will be between my fingers.  Visions, questions, inferences and predictions will be on my mind.  Sleep will then join me and dreams will come.  I do wonder though, if this habit of reading is getting lost on our newer generations, what consequences will this bring?

One thought on “LAST NIGHT.

  1. Even with me… The idea of a book in a chair seems like a really, really good idea. I read most of my books on my IPad these days. It isn’t the same. A good mystery. Two more days of blogging and reading and then I promise myself… catching up on some reading. I’m glad you’re sleeping better. I have been very restless recently. I’m going to take your advice.

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