Last time.  The last time I met Paul Andersen, I got just a glimpse of his passion for teaching science.   The last time Paul Andersen visited our school, he made sure to plant a seed of wonder in all of us…and to make sure we did the same for our students. These two things were what I remembered most of the creator of Bozeman Science. However, the busy whirlwind of teaching in an elementary school setting can make one get lost and lose focus and easily forget new information we take in (even if this information is reminding you that teaching is fun). But this time…this time Paul Andersen’s visit was different.  Paul came ready to continue to spread his love of science and wonder, but he also came ready to push us to the next level of elementary science teaching.  He had his usual phenomena that made us wonder…he had resources to share…he had knowledge to pass on.  So what made this time different from last time?  Well, he might say it was thanks to his lovely wife being here on this visit, and that is probably true, but I also believe it is his ability to perceive others’ needs and connect that made this time special.  From the moment he presided over our Team Meetings, he made sure to make us feel comfortable.  He was familiar with our current unit of study and wanted the team to create a meaningful assessment.  From the moment he taught a model lesson (which my students got lucky enough to be chosen for), he seemed to know exactly what to say to them to make a connection that engaged them even after the lesson was done. He created a lesson that prompted one of my students to say: “I really understood for the first time deeply why it is so important to wonder. I also learned how to make a model and what it means.”  From the moment he debriefed with staff after an extremely long day, he was still able to connect and make us feel a little less scared of teaching science.  Paul just has a way of being “one of us”.  Yet he is not.  Paul Andersen is one of most unique science teachers I have ever encountered.  His passion for what he does and his desire to share this passion for science with everyone are what make him who he is.  I do wish all teachers had opportunities to learn from him.  This time, his visit came at just the right time for this particular teacher and her particular group of students.  I do hope this time is not the last time. 

One thought on “LAST TIME.

  1. This model of conferring ahead, model lessons, and debrief is such a strong model for teacher learning. It is the lab school model and it still works after all these years. It is one we have incorporated as well. I longed a bit for science connection as you told about your thinking. This is going to stick with you.

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