Last chance.  There is something that worries me about some trends in discipline in education.  It all comes down to giving chance, after chance, after chance. There seem to be no last chances. Life is not like this.  Consequences seem to be disappearing. Life has consequences.  I fear we have gone from one extreme to another.  Thankfully gone are the days were paddles and rulers and ridicules were used to discipline.  However, present are the days where children are confused and believe they are equal to adults.  Present are the days that children’s behaviors are being guided by complete strangers on Youtube and Instagram.  Present are the days where children respect only when they feel like it.   It is not all children.  There are still the ones that understand age differences and realize adults are to be respected, especially when the adult is modeling respect and caring themselves. It is a battle we are fighting everyday in my school.  A very tough one.  I do hope we have a chance to find a midpoint between the extremes that have been created.  I don’t want this to be our last chance to bring back respect and good manners.  

5 thoughts on “LAST CHANCE.

    1. Well… just so you know, I’m printing this guy out and keeping it by me when I prepare next year’s PPT on classroom expectations.

      I think it’s fair to tell my kids my worldview and what I think is best for them.. and who they’re dealing with. I am not their equal, so I expect respect.. which contributes to the best learning environment. Every learning space needs a leader. Steve Jobs. A general in the military. MLK. As long as I give that justification, I think I’m covered.


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