Last slice.  Am I ready for my last slice? My Last Chance to share my perceptions (or Misperceptions), Questions and thoughts on this Incredible platform of writers?  Ready or not, I must Embrace this Last Time.  I confess, it has not been easy and has taken loads of Perseverance to write every week (especially this Last Week).  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday came and went with their usual Repetition, yet this time around, the Slice of Life Writing Challenge gave them a unique and Irreplaceable meaning.  This Last Month has brought Tears and Illogical (at least they seemed not logical to me) events. Yet this writing challenge brought with it an Unplanned Balance.  Every moment I sat down in front of my laptop and began to reflect in Silence about what I wanted to share, I realized I was trying to make sense of my day to day experiences as an educator. This journey not only allowed me to develop my writing skills, but it helped me feel more at ease.  An Educator’s Path is definitely not an easy one.  Last Night, I stared at the picture of the path on my blog. If you notice, the narrow path may not look too challenging to walk on, but one side has a rickety fence that you can hold on to for support, only for a portion.  The other side of the path has a steep, sloping hill…one mis-step and you can find yourself Disconnected from the rest of the path, having to make a climb to get back on track.  It not only takes Stamina to journey on an educator’s path, it also takes Immeasurable courage. However, you do not have to walk this path alone. Although it may seem like the rest of the fence is being covered by a shield of Invisibility and you have to travel this path with no support, there is always someone there who is traveling a similar path with you.  They might be in another city, country or continent, but they are on a similar journey.  Participating in this writing challenge made me realize this.  C.S. Lewis said, “we read to know we are not alone”…how fortunate we are to have made connections through the Slice of Life and realize we are, in fact, not alone.  Thank you, Two Writing Teachers, for this opportunity.  Thank you, writers for sharing your thoughts and especially for reading mine.  Although we might be taking a break from writing for a while, we are still connected to each other, and I look forward to continuing reading your words (especially because Spring Break is near!).  This experience has been a fabulous one, and it most definitely won’t be the Last Year I participate…and to all of those who participated, I hope you are feeling accomplished and “good ’til the Last Slice“.                   

3 thoughts on “LAST SLICE.

  1. “Never alone”, never. Even though we try alone, feel like we are alone sometimes- so important to remember this. Thank you for sharing your wisdom Mrs.Carley.

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    1. Thank YOU so much for reading them. I have enjoyed reading yours as well and will be catching up on the ones I missed ASAP. Your comments have been thoughtful and thought provoking. Thank you!

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