Perseverance.  Present everyday, everywhere. Perseverance is messy. It is not pretty.  It is imperfect.  To persevere means you will fall and you will get up again.  To persevere means you will make mistakes and learn from them. To persevere means you will fail before you achieve success. To persevere means you are in competition with yourself.  That self who often whispers “give up…it is not worth it…it is too much”.  Enter Perseverance, looking quite ragged, beat-up, tired…but strong.  Superhuman strong.  Standing beside you, giving you the power to achieve any goal, no matter how big or small.  Perseverance wakes me up every morning and Perseverance helps me teach. It has taught me to teach them to believe…to never quit…to foster the power of not giving up. Let Perseverance hold your hand and eventually it will make you your own superhero.

8 thoughts on “PERSEVERANCE.

  1. This Slice really speaks to me today! I am feeling the need to hear your words about perseverance as I have reached a moment where I feel like I want to give up. Thank you for writing about perseverance today … I will hold your advice close to my heart.


  2. I am enjoy reading your exploration of words. You make me think of the words in more depth than I might and help me look at the word, what it can mean, in a new way. I also like how you apply the meaning to your teacher self and classroom.

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  3. Greetings. To re invent youraelf. To be resilient. One step at a time. Like the metaphor of the man who pushed a heavy shere up a hill to watch it roll down the other side. Then again. Some lauged at his punishmwnt. He smiled as in every single step. He was whole. Aware. Smiling. Every step is home. Thanks so much Carley

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