Questions.  Are they simply phrases that seek answers?  Questions seem to run through my mind 24/7.  Yes and No Questions….What If Questions…How Are You Questions…Will I Make It Through The Day Questions…so many questions, always there.  Our minds are naturally filled with curiosity.  Curiosity brings wonder.  Wonder brings, yes, questions. Throughout my years as a teacher, I have come to appreciate how vital it is to ask the right questions.  The ones that have more than one answer are essential.  They push my students’ thinking.  They push my thinking.  The right questions can broaden our horizons and open our minds. The words we use to formulate these questions are also just as important.  The wrong choice of words can get a response of absolute confusion….but mix the right words together into a question that has a myriad of answers, and you get a powerful response.  My favorite questions are the ones that linger in our minds and the minds of others…causing a “spirit of inquiry”.  Hoping that this inquisitiveness takes us on a journey together.  A journey for knowledge, and we all know knowledge is power.  Let these be the types of questions most present in your everyday and you might notice how powerful those around you become as they seek answers.  

9 thoughts on “QUESTIONS.

  1. Amazing how you can turn a simple word into such a powerful idea! At times though, too many questions can be overwhelming. You do have inspired me though to see the positive side of having so many questions.

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  2. Yes. A huge part of our day is being overwhelmed by so many questions that we have just answered. Maybe those questions are the building blocks to not being afraid to ask the deeper ones? 🙂

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  3. I taught at an IB school where we had to create essential questions for each unit we taught, I found that to be a good way to start – it helped to create a framework for questioning.
    All of the word concepts you have written about are complex and require work. (Again, the complexity of teaching and decision making astound me!)

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  4. Yes! We have essential questions and enduring understandings for our units as well. They help me, as a teacher, deliver more meaningful lessons. Hopefully, my students find the value in their learning due to these amazing questions.


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